Protecting and Maintaining Natural Healthy Gums and Teeth

I went to my dentist this morning for a dental check-up due to some gum bleeding when I brush my teeth and having experience a little sensitivity on one of my upper right molars. After checking my mouth, the dentist said that I got gum abrasions that I might have brush too hard, bruising my gums to the point of hurting even the root of my tooth.

Well, blame it to my parents, they never told me it’s bad to brush my teeth hard. But I guess mom did. Maybe I was so preoccupied with having fun all the time in my childhood days. 😀

Thankfully, there’s no decay or anything, just the “not” so minor gum abrasions probably developed long ago until I finally took the matter of taking care of myself seriously.

Back to my painful, sorrowful tooth misery. I’ve been eating green mangoes for the fast few days before this pain came in. Have you experience eating green mangoes and feeling some kind of sensitivity or a different flavor in your mouth thereafter? Green mangoes and pineapples (eaten by itself) are loaded with acid that will damage our tooth enamel but they’re not the ones we need to really be careful with, it’s the ACID-FORMING foods that we eat. They are the culprits.

Foods that takes a very hard time to chew with, putting too much pressure in our gums. Sugary and acidic beverages are among them. These foods gives burden to our teeth or mouth, in general, as well as our whole system.

Take a look at this: Acid and Alkaline Food Comparison Chart to be guided properly.

Acidic and Alkaline Forming Foods
Acidic and Alkaline Forming Foods

Tooth enamel is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in our body.  It is the most visible part of the tooth. It covers the outer layer of each tooth and is made up mostly of minerals, primarily hydroxyapatite.

Tooth enamel plays a very important role in protecting our teeth from decay as it forms a strong barrier that protects the inner layers of our teeth from the effects of acids and plaque. It also protects the sensitive inner layers of our teeth from foods and beverages that are very hot or very cold.

If our enamel is destroyed, our body does not make more to replace it. Unlike other parts of your body – like your bones, for instance – enamel does not contain any living cells, so it cannot regenerate.

Hence, it is very important to do everything that we can to prevent our enamel from eroding. The following guidelines will help :

  1. Avoid sugary foods, acidic fruits and acidic beverages. When those substances stick to your teeth and interact with bacteria in your mouth, lactic acid is produced, which can damage your enamel. Avoid these foods when you can, and if you do consume them, remember to brush thoroughly afterward.
  2. Avoid very hard foods, like hard candy or ice cubes. If you do indulge in hard candy, suck on it but don’t bite down on it.
  3. Practice good oral hygiene habits, like regular brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and visiting your dental professional for regular professional cleanings.

Dentist’s Specific Advice:

  • Wait an hour after you eat green mangoes or any acidic food before brushing your teeth. This gives your saliva the time to neutralize the acid in your mouth.
  • Brush your teeth gently just like dusting off your very important jewels, use soft-bristled and small-headed brush.
  • Brush twice a day for at least 3 minutes. It takes 3 minutes for the fluoride in the tooth paste to take effect. You can spit the bubbles out while brushing if it accumulates too much but don’t rinse your mouth before the 3rd minute.
  • When feeling any sensitivity, gargle table salt or any plain ordinary salt diluted in water for a few minutes preferably daily or until the sensitivity subside.
  • Floss gently, up and down. DO NOT RUB the floss to your tooth, the floss is just for getting the hard debris stuck in between the tooth.
  • Any tooth paste will do, it ‘s the fluoride that counts.
  • Mouth wash or gargles aren’t really necessary. Most mouth wash creates teeth discoloration. Just make sure to properly brush your teeth and get regular dental cleaning (at least every 6 months).

Consult your dentist AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, if you feel that there is something wrong with your teeth or mouth. Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Prevention is always better than cure.

I believe that the first step to being HEALTHY is through our mouth. Ever notice that it is where our digestive system starts? Food is process in our mouth before we swallow it. Our mouth is the first to keep in touch and rub shoulders with bacterias, so it is just right to take care of it. Give it the best care that you can and better be skeptical in whatever you put in your mouth. Always remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

To all the mothers out there, teach your child how to protect and maintain a natural healthy gums and teeth as early as now.

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