My first guitar, a dream come true..

It was just a dream, a dream that I longed to be realized when I was still in high school and in college. I love music, I love it so much because it strengthen my soul and gets me going in times of difficulties. It is kind of sad that I don’t have a great voice but I guess it’s good enough not to let lizards fall off the ceiling. 🙂

I have always been amazed how cool those guys who plays guitar are. Anywhere I go, whenever I see one of those guys strumming their guitars and singing songs, makes me think that learning to play one will be a great thing for me. It will not only lift up my spirit but will make me feel fulfilled too.

So, I decided learning how to play with my cousin’s guitar. Started researching about how to learn the basic strumming and notes on books in the library and photocopied them. I compiled and keep the copies in a folder, reading the notes in my free time and starting to learn from them. It was kinda hard for me to learn the theory without practice so I asked a friend to teach me whenever he has time. I don’t practice that much because I juggle things up when I was still in school. Working the whole day and studying at night then trying to practice in spare times. It goes on but I didn’t learn that much until I stopped due to some inevitable circumstances, my mother got sick and she needs me to take care of her and the family.

My dream of having my own guitar and learning to play one came to an END..

Seven years have gone by but the passion is alive deep within me. I’ve been to struggle the past few years but God has blessed me so much with good people who is there in my darkest and happiest moments. Kind people He had sent to help me up and let me be who I want to be. God is great! He is good all the time and He works in mysterious ways.

I praise and thank Him for this gift, a gift to let me grow so well to teach people how great God is.

My first guitar, Takamine D50
March 1, 2014, Saturday. He gave me this guitar, He gave me my dreams. It was kind of fun picking up this one too because I still am not an expert in choosing a good acoustic guitar for beginners. A few cool guys in the store helped me up and recommended this one. It wasn’t a great one but it is a good start for me. We bought it from JVS Audio System here in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. They don’t have a website yet but there are couple of few reviews regarding the shop online and it is indeed a good music store. They also gave us a discount on everything, an awesone 30%. The shop also offers guitar upgrades on pick-up, adjustments and other things but the guitar should come from them. It is such a great deal and they are so kind to us.

This will be a blissful month for me because it started awesome.

“He never sleep, He never slumber, He never tires of hearing our prayer, when we are weak He become stronger, so rest in His love and cast all of your cares in Him.”

That song is one of the songs that I love by Don Moen.

Keep praying and starting living your dreams because one day, some day, in God’s perfect time, they will come TRUE. 🙂

P. S. for all of you who wants to know my God, He is JESUS..the Christ, the savior, the redeemer, the one who died on the cross to pay for my debts. 🙂

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