Hello Anthropocene Age!

The Anthropocene Age..

Hello Anthropocene Era
The Holocene meaning “entirely recent” epoch began 11,700 years ago after the major Ice Age. But recently, environmentalists and geologists are arguing about this buzzword “Anthropocene”. The term was coined by Eugene Stoermer and popularized by an atmospheric chemist and Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen in the year 2000. The word struck a chord to everyone’s mind. Anthropocene is a combination of Greek roots: anthropo– meaning “man” and –cene meaning “new”. All epochs in the Cenozoic Era end in “cene”. So here comes Anthropocene – The Man-Made Age.

Human kind has caused tremendous extinctions of plant and animal species, polluted the oceans and altered the atmosphere. So this is now the impact of all of the things that we did decades ago. Human population growth has roughly quadrupled to nearly seven billion. According to biologist E.O. Wilson “The pattern of human population growth in the twentieth century was more bacterial than primate.” He calculated that human biomass is already a hundred times larger than any other large animal species that has ever walked the Earth.

Man has changed the Earth. Building cities of man-made materials like steel, glass, concrete, and brick. Transforming the world through farming, 38% of the planet’s ice-free land is now devoted to agriculture. Fertilizer factories converting nitrogen from the air to a biologically usable form than getting it naturally from plants and microbes on land. And the most significant change, from a geologic perspective, the change in the composition of the atmosphere. The air that is supposed to be made of nitrogen, oxygen and argon is now filled with greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone emitted on to the atmosphere because of human activities. Carbon dioxide emissions are harmless but their warming effects could easily push global temperatures to levels that have not been seen for millions of years.

Reality bites..
Although this new era is unofficial as of the moment, group of scholars are now taking into consideration to declare that the Holocene is over and the Anthropocene has begun. We have indeed entered a new epoch and we have to accept the reality that the world we are living now is in GREAT DANGER. And blaming one another is not the solution, our collective action has caused this to happen to us, as we are part of the problem we must also take part in the solution to help save the world.

This is just a warning to everyone of us..it is not yet the End of the World..but let us not wait for the worst to come..the simple 3R rules will really help.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle


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