Family and friends call me Marie. A writer at heart, a mother, a leader of some sort in our family, a mentor to my youngsters and a teacher to my little Zoe.

I love to read different articles whether it is hard bound or soft bound. Books are my first love and the knowledge I got from reading pays off real good to me.

I have a degree in Accounting and had worked before for a finance company but being an Educator is what’s in my heart. I love to teach and learn everything there is to learn. It was just recently that I was able to follow this urge in me by imparting my thoughts to the world. I may not be teaching in a classroom but in a way I wish that you, my readers, will be able to learn from me and me from you. Learning, just like love, is a two way process.

As much as I want to be a teacher, writing was one of the things that interest me so much. And making this journal fulfills it. This is officially my first blog, I’ve tried creating blogs from free hosting sites like blogger.com, edublogs.org and others but I never can’t seem to take it seriously. But now I think I am ready for the world!

Marie Pelin – Anthropocene Thoughts is a compilation of things that I’ve learned from life’s experiences, from reading different books and articles across the web, and everything that I want to know in the days to come. This blog will also serve as my “cheat sheet” in life’s daily test.

I welcome you all to comment and share with me this new experience of blogging in this Anthropocene Age..

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