Protecting and Maintaining Natural Healthy Gums and Teeth

I went to my dentist this morning for a dental check-up due to some gum bleeding when I brush my teeth and having experience a little sensitivity on one of my upper right molars. After checking my mouth, the dentist said that I got gum abrasions that I might have brush too hard, bruising my gums to the point of hurting even the root of my tooth.

Well, blame it to my parents, they never told me it’s bad to brush my teeth hard. But I guess mom did. Maybe I was so preoccupied with having fun all the time in my childhood days. 😀

Thankfully, there’s no decay or anything, just the “not” so minor gum abrasions probably developed long ago until I finally took the matter of taking care of myself seriously.

Back to my painful, sorrowful tooth misery. I’ve been eating green mangoes for the fast few days before this pain came in. Have you experience eating green mangoes and feeling some kind of sensitivity or a different flavor in your mouth thereafter? Green mangoes and pineapples (eaten by itself) are loaded with acid that will damage our tooth enamel but they’re not the ones we need to really be careful with, it’s the ACID-FORMING foods that we eat. They are the culprits. Continue reading “Protecting and Maintaining Natural Healthy Gums and Teeth”