Health Benefits of Brown Rice

If you are aiming for that “healthy new you”, you’ll be better off eating brown rice than white rice. Both grains are not really good for anybody but because Filipinos are used to eating rice as our staple, it is very hard for us to get rid of it.

Brown rice is “unmilled” rice, only the hull is removed, thus the bran and germ which contains the nutrients that we need is still there making it more healthier to eat than white rice. White rice, on the other hand, is processed by removing the hull, the bran, and the germ leaving the white part behind, as well as leaving us with almost zero nutrients at all. Continue reading “Health Benefits of Brown Rice”

My first guitar, a dream come true..

It was just a dream, a dream that I longed to be realized when I was still in high school and in college. I love music, I love it so much because it strengthen my soul and gets me going in times of difficulties. It is kind of sad that I don’t have a great voice but I guess it’s good enough not to let lizards fall off the ceiling. 🙂

I have always been amazed how cool those guys who plays guitar are. Anywhere I go, whenever I see one of those guys strumming their guitars and singing songs, makes me think that learning to play one will be a great thing for me. It will not only lift up my spirit but will make me feel fulfilled too. Continue reading “My first guitar, a dream come true..”

A message to my dear cousin on her 18th birthday.

Happy 18th Birthday! You are the fairest amongst all the “Tura” Clan and you’re clever too because you followed the disastrous step I’ve taken..hehehe..You are still young, always remember that things will change if you will take the first few steps to change it. I believe that you are happy with what you have right now but there’s more to life out there you’ve never seen. I wish to see you reaching for your dreams just like I do. I wish to see you having a different perspective in life being closer to our Creator. Having a baby or getting married is not the end of the world for us women. Sometimes it feels that way though 😀 . But it should not stop us to be ourselves and to reach our DREAMS. Continue reading “A message to my dear cousin on her 18th birthday.”